How To Install Movie Box

What is|What's} MovieBox APK?

If you are a movie {lover |buff } And would {love|really like} to download and enjoy your movies and TV {series|show} on the {move|play}, then MovieBox is the {application|program} for you. Some years {back|ago}, the privilege of having to download and watch {movies|films} and TV {series|show} on the {go |move} {was not|wasn't} really there. {But|However,} with MovieBox apk {latest|most recent} version, the story is different as with the {application|program}, {you have|you've got} access to your favorite movies and latest TV shows.

MovieBox Grants you free access to all {its|of its} resources, {what's|what is} more? The {movies |films }and TV shows are {frequently|often} updated, so you {do not|don't} miss out on anything. If {you are|you're} {worried|concerned} about the legality of {the|this} {application|program} and {movies|films}, then you {need not|don't need to} worry, because the {application|program} and all its contents are legal. MovieBox {is able to|can} run on {various|several} devices and operating systems, so {there's|there is} no excuse why you {cannot|can't} catch up with your {favorite |favourite} TV shows and movies in HD on an {appealing|attractive} yet easy to use graphical user interface.


MovieBox has really awesome Features to give you that amazing experience that will have you doing away with other {movie|film} {applications|programs} and binge-watching your {favorite |favourite }movies. Interesting features like:

Daily Movie Updates

A Movie application that {does not|doesn't} update its movies regularly {is not |isn't }worth {having or keeping|keeping or having} on your device. MovieBox has movie box apk taken the {liberty |freedom }{to not|not to} {just|only} update the {movie|film} database {regularly|frequently} but doing it {daily|every day}, so no matter what happens, {you are|you're} {up to date|current} with the latest.

Different {Categories|Groups }

MovieBox Categorizes its {content|articles} into Movies HD, Cinema HD, Popcorn time, Sky HD etc so it makes it {easier|much easier} for users to {make|create} their choices.

Different Resolutions

The MovieBox application {allows|enables} users {enjoy|like} movies with high resolutions. Users have a {range|selection} of screen resolutions to {choose|select} from depending on their data allowance while streaming. They can {pick|select} any of {these|them}: 360p, 480p, 720p and {enjoy|revel in} the {movies|films} in 1080p {Full|Total} HD.

{Watch and Download|Download and watch }

MovieBox {Users can either|Users can} watch their {favorite|favourite} movies and TV series {online or download|download or online}. {It also|Additionally, it} has the feature {that|which} {allows|lets} you stop a movie and watch later.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The MovieBox {app|program} was originally created as an iOS {application|program}, but thanks to {developers|programmers}, {it is|it's} also {available|accessible} for android and windows {platforms |programs }{respectively|}. However, you {will not|won't} get the {app|program} from the {application |program }{store|shop} but {via|through} download links.

No Payments

Another Lovely feature {about|concerning} the MovieBox {app|program} is {the fact |}that you {do not|don't} have to pay for anything. Installation, {as well as|in addition to} download, is {totally|completely} free.


Because The MovieBox {app|program} is updated daily, the {app|program} has a {wide|broad} {collection|assortment} of your favorite {movies|films} and TV shows for users to {pick|select} from. The aim is for users to {stay|remain} hooked on the {app|program} (for good). There are {different|various} genres of movies to {pick|select} from.


Get Notified when new episodes of your {favorite|favourite} TV shows are available, {helping you|assisting you to} keep tabs with your {favorite|favourite} TV series so {that |}you {do not |don't }miss a thing.


MovieBox users can pick From their {favorite|favourite} TV series and {movies|films} and bookmark them, thereby creating their {movie|picture} library to {watch|see} the movies later.

User-friendly GUI

The MovieBox {application's|program's} graphical user interface is lovely to behold and very {easy|simple} to use.


Users Can narrow {their search down|down their search} and {command|control} {how|the way} the search engine would {assist in|help out with} finding {desired|desirable} movies or TV series {faster|quicker}, the results can further be filtered either by using video {quality or genre|genre or quality}.


MovieBox Users can share their {favorite|favourite} movies and TV {series|show} with their {friends |buddies }on {any|some} of the social networking platforms {via|through} the share option {on|onto} the {app|program}.

No Signup

MovieBox {is not|Isn't} required to go through the hassles of registering and using login details to use the {application|program }

Download Movie Box {App|Program} for various devices

The MovieBox {app|program} was originally created as an iOS {application|program}, but developers made sure there was a version available for {other|different} platforms and devices {other than|besides} iOS {devices|apparatus}, now {everyone and anyone|anyone and everyone} can have the MovieBox app {irrespective of|no matter} device and operating system. There are three {main|chief} platforms {where|in which} MovieBox can be {installed|set up} and they are: MovieBox for Android, MovieBox for iOS {devices|apparatus} and MovieBox for PC.

1. Download Moviebox for Android

Downloading the MovieBox {app|program} on android is pretty easy if you follow the steps outlined {below|under }

Open your Smartphone and go to "Settings > Security".

{Enable|Empower}"Unknown Sources" (This allows your device to {install|put in} {applications|software} {outside of|beyond} the play {store|shop }).

Turn {on|in} your internet connection and {locate|find} the link {for|to get} MovieBox APK file or Showbox APK (Android {version|variant }).

Download the APK file

Install the {app|program }

Launch, and {start|begin} enjoying the full {benefits|advantages} of the MovieBox {app|program} {on|in} your android device. 2. Install MovieBox on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) {without|with no} jailbreak

There Are two methods to {install|set up} the MovieBox {app|program} on your iOS {device|apparatus} without jailbreaking the device, follow the {easy|simple} steps and you {will not |won't }{experience|encounter} issues installing the MovieBox {app|program} on your device.

{First|Initial} Method

Open the browser on your device and visit the vShare {website|site}.

{When|Once} the site has loaded, tap {the|on the} button on the left of the screen that reads"Download (unjailbroken)".

A popup will {ask for|request} permission to {install|set up} Vshare, tap"Install".

{After|Following} the vShare {app|program} has installed, open it and tap {the|on the}"trust" button.

After tapping {the|on the}"trust" button and the {app|program} opens, select"search" {in|at} the top right corner, search for"Movie Box".

Click {the|on the} MovieBox {app|program} and tap to install it.

The {app|program} should begin automatically after {installation|setup}, {if|should} not go manually to"download" to {monitor|track} the progress and {start|initiate} the installation.

The MovieBox icon {should|ought to} be {seen|observed} on the screen of your device.

{Do not forget|Remember} to tap"trust" so you can {continue|keep on} using it.

Second Method

Open the Safari browser on {your|your own} iOS {device|apparatus} and {visit|see} the AppValley {website|site}, tap {the|on the}"Install AppValley" button.

{There will|There'll} be a popup asking {whether|if} you {want|would like} to install the AppValley {app|program}, tap {the|on the}"install" button and the {app|program} will {begin|start} to install like {it's|it is} an app store {app|program}.

After installation, it may not open because {there is|there's} an untrusted enterprise {developer|programmer} error. {Go|Proceed} to settings {on|in} your device, then General > Device Management.

{Find|Locate} AppValley and tap {trust|hope} twice to give the {app|program} a {trusted|reliable} app status.

Open the {app|program}, tap"Library" button, tap"browse" button {under|below}"{apps|programs}"

You {will|may} found a {list|listing} of {applications|programs} {that|which} are available for {download|downloading}, find the {app|program} called"MovieBox++" and tap it

Next, tap {the|on the}"Get" button.

After installation, it {may|might} not open, {just|simply} repeat the {third|next} step

{Tap|Harness} trust {twice|double} so the MovieBox {app|program} can {become|get} trusted.

{Now you can|You can now} enjoy the movie box {app|program} {on|in} your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Run MovieBox on PC

MovieBox {is also|can also be} called as Showbox {in|from} the Android apk {version|variant}.

Downloading The MovieBox {app|program} {on|in} your Windows-based PC is possible {using|with} an android emulator. {It is|It's} {quite|fairly} {easy|simple} and {straightforward|simple} if you follow the {simple |easy }steps below:

Download the MovieBox APK for PC, click here.

Download and install Bluestacks on {your PC|Your Computer}.

Click {the|on the} InstallAPK (+ {sign|signal }) on Bluestacks and {select|choose}"MovieBox.APK" {from|in} the PC and BlueStacks will automatically install it.

After Installation, you can {open|start} the BlueStacks {app|program} player and {start|begin} using your MovieBox {app|program} on your {PC|computer}. FAQ

How {do I|can I} fix MovieBox crashing just after opening?

Close the {app|program} by opening your multi-task {tray|menu} {which|that} opens when you double-click the {home|house} button

Use iFunbox or iFile, {locate|find} var/mobile/library/caches/ and delete com.moviebox.etc. Or something {that|which} looks like it.

Still using iFunbox or iFile, {locate|find} var/mobile/library/preferences/ then delete com.trendico.moviebox.plist

See that you empty the {trash|garbage} out {using|with} the trash function

Restart MovieBox and it should work just fine now

Can 3G Unrestrictor {function|work} with MovieBox

3G Unrestrictor {works|functions} with MovieBox, however many network carriers are preventing the connection from being established to {movie|picture} servers {by|from} the {app|program}. This can be avoided by using Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Do I {need|want} to {make|generate} any {form|kind} of payments?

No, you {do not|don't}, everything about the {app|program} is free

Do I {need|want} to {sign up|register} and sign in with my login details before I {can|could} {access|get} movies?

No, you {do not|don't} {need|have} to go through all that stress.

How {frequently|often} is the {app|program} updated?

Updates Are made to {improve|enhance} the {app|program} and {deal|cope} with bugs so that users can enjoy seamless sessions on the {app|program}. The {app|program} is updated regularly.

Is it {Legal|lawful}?

The {App|Program} and its contents are {absolutely|completely} legal. It has a reputation to {keep |maintain }and as such {would not|wouldn't} get involved {in|with} anything illegal.

Why does MovieBox only show download?

To {Enable|Empower} the"watch now" button, {just|simply} {locate|track down} the option that says {server|host}, Click on it and {select|pick} another, you will {see|find} a download and watch {now |today } button.